We design, build, and install Industrial Control Systems.

Old Growth Systems is driven by a passion for building beautiful systems. We believe that there is value in building systems that are a pleasure to use. In fact, we think that by striving for beauty in function and form, our systems will perform better and have a lower cost of ownership.


There are a few core principles that guide our success.

  • Use domain knowledge to inform IT expertise.
  • Understand and communicate the requirements.
  • Understand the ROI. 
  • Use a systems engineering approach to build and deliver the system.
  • Learning is part of the job.
  • Share the learning.


We have experience delivering the following services. 

  • Equipment automation
  • Equipment integration
  • Factory-wide MES systems
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Systems Analysis
  • SCADA and ICS cyber-security assessments and remediation