Old Growth Systems was founded by Howard Bales in 2012.

Howard has 28 successful years experience providing systems development, project management, and consulting services in the manufacturing sector. He has managed large projects with scope, schedule and budget responsibilities. Howard has a solid understanding of business and technical issues, and a natural ability to communicate with clients, managers, peers and staff.


Global Perspective.

Old Growth Systems is a small company with a global perspective. Howard has worked all over the world, in many industries and with lots of different companies, large and small.


About the name.

I struggled to come up with a name. Several good choices were "forgettable" or "sounds like an experiment". Finally a friend suggested the following. "With your family, on sticky notes write down a whole bunch of positive names/words you like, describe you, represent you, or just sound fun to you. Put them up on a wall and arrange/re-arrange until something jumps out. "

I got the family together in the basement for a game of air hockey. With REM's Murmur on the turntable, I started writing words on sticky notes. Soon, the whole family was at it. Old Growth Systems was the result. 

Old Growth resonates with me for a couple of reasons. First, I've always enjoyed being in the forest. Over time, I've gained an appreciation and awe for the complexities and layers of our natural environment. Bringing that into my business feels right. Secondly, I am the most humble player on a local soccer team named Old Growth Football Club. GO OGFC!